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Below you may find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about our Pet Stop® containment systems.


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General FAQ about Electric Pet Fence Systems

Is Safe Pet Containment Systems associated with Invisible Fence® or any other electronic pet fence system company?

No. Safe Pet Containment Systems is a licensed Pet Stop® dealer and is not associated with Invisible Fence® or any other electric pet containment company. We do provide independent service for Invisible Fence® systems, as well as all other electric pet fencing brands. Safe Pet Containment Systems honors warranties on Pet Stop® products only.

How are Pet Stop® fencing systems different from Invisible Fence® systems and other companies?

Pet Stop® brand is the ONLY electronic pet containment system that is Made in the USA from imported components! By keeping production here, we’re ensuring that when you purchase an underground pet fence by Pet Stop®, you’re getting a quality, reliable product that will keep your pet safely and securely contained.

In addition, only Pet Stop® provides the unique GentleSteps™ training program. This low-stress, humane pet fence training technique goes hand-in-hand with our highly customizable products, allowing us to customize your pet containment system and learning experience to what best suits their individual personality.

Do underground pet fencing systems really work?

Did you know that Pet Stop® electric pet containment has a 99.6% successful containment rating – the highest in the industry! We have over a decade of experience keeping pets safely and securely contained, and with the most technologically advanced pet fencing products and the most effective pet fence training, we’re confident we’ll be able to find a containment solution for you.

Can the fence be used with multiple pets?

Yes! There is no limit to the amount of pets you can train to the fence and each pet’s receiver collar will have settings customized to what best suits their individual personalities.

Can I use the fence for an aggressive dog?

No, if you have an aggressive dog, we will not install an electronic pet fence system for that dog unless the system is being used in combination with a previously existing wooden or chain-link fence.

Do you offer indoor pet fence systems?

Yes, we do. Our indoor pet containment systems work flawlessly with our outdoor pet containment systems and are extremely versatile, capable of making entire rooms off-limits or to maintain pet-free zones as small as just a few square feet. We have both wired and wireless options available.

Electric Pet Fencing Product FAQ

Are your products compatible with other pet containment systems?

Yes. Most of our receiver collars can be programmed to work with Invisible Fence® transmitters, as well as other electronic pet fencing brands. such as DogGuard® and Dog Watch®. We also sell Invisible Fence® compatible batteries and Invisible Fence® compatible receiver collars.

Are there any age or size requirements that my pet must meet in order to use your products?

There are no size requirements – our products are designed to work on breeds both large and small. We do recommend that your pet be at least 8 weeks of age and well-adjusted to their home environment before getting trained to the fence.

How long do the batteries last?

Battery life is determined by how often your pet challenges the boundaries – most batteries last from 3 months to a year. When battery power is running low, the patented FlashAlert® feature will let you know, allowing you to change the batteries out before they die completely. Did you know our new EcoLite receiver is rechargeable – that means no more annual battery costs! Contact us today for more information.

Electric Pet Fence Training FAQ

How long will the training take?

Every pet is unique and has their own individual learning needs – some pets take more time to get trained to the fence, some pets take less. Most pets are trained to the fence in just a couple of weeks.

Do I take part in the training process?

Yes! In fact, your participation is crucial to successful containment. We provide the initial training, and we’ll teach you everything you need to know so you can provide reinforcement training. We can also provide additional training sessions if your pet needs them. Contact us for more information.

Will the correction hurt my pet?

No, Safe Pet Containment Systems would never use a pet fencing product that could possibly harm your pet. We use a very low level of correction to dissuade your pet from the fence boundaries – mere tickles that are just enough to startle your pet, not hurt them.

In addition, your pet will receive a warning tone (allowing them a chance to back away from the boundary) before receiving a correction. When properly trained, most dogs will respond to the warning tone immediately, and thus no correction is even needed.

Can cats be trained to the fence?

Yes, they can. Our indoor pet containment systems are particularly good at maintaining cat-free zones in the home.

Can I remove the collar once my pet has learned the boundaries?

No – in order to successfully contain your pet, it’s important that the receiver collar remain on and that the batteries are active.

If your pet does not receive consistent corrections when they approach the fence boundary, your fence system will lose it’s effectiveness.

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